13 Quotes from Diane Ducharme

Last weekend Tighe, Garland, Jackie, Marcia, Natalie, and Kara attended a 2 day seminar with senior Bikram Yoga teacher, Diane Ducharme, in Baltimore, MD. Diane began practicing Bikram Yoga in 1985, when dinosaurs roamed the earth. She became a certified teacher in 1995 and opened the first yoga studio in Massachusetts soon after. In addition to teaching and running her studio, she travels the world giving seminars on Bikram Yoga. For this month, instead of a posture, we would like to share with you ten valuable quotes from Diane Ducharme. Please enjoy! "7 out of 10 students are trying too hard. 3 out of 10 students aren't using their strength." "Teachers give the information [dialogue], so that you can make the transformation...whenever you WANT to." "Bikram Yoga is a healing tool, not a weapon." "Always listen to your body, and work to tolerance. There is no benefit in working too hard and not allowing an injury to heal." "Watch overcorrecting. Sometimes you're already doing 100 percent, and therefore, the instruction is not for you." "Your anatomy is your destiny." "The important thing is to try the right way, the best way, 100 percent, with the body you have today. "You should practice 6 days a week (one day rest), for as long as it takes the body to get into good health. This could take 5 months or 5 years. Once your body's in good health, you should practice 4-5 times a week to maintain." "You are learning to find peace. Every where you go in the world, conditions are different. The heat, the floors, the teachers, the students, the rules, etc. You have to meditate under any circumstance. Never let anything or anyone, steal your peace." "Take care of yourself first." "The bigger the problem, the easier to solve."(quoting Bikram) "For 90 minutes, you are bringing the mind and body together, so that you can LISTEN." (quoting Bikram) "When you practice yoga, first your personality changes, the faith increases, then confidence improves." (quoting Bikram)