Big Classes Build Character

All of us Yogis share a common mission and that is to get more people to practice Bikram Yoga. We know how good it makes us feel and we want others to experience the same thing. Occasionally our altruistic Yogi nature may slip away from us momentarily when we find ourselves in a packed yoga room. This is completely normal and even if you find yourself thinking not so peaceful thoughts about others in the room, this does not make you a bad person. We are all human and our thoughts do not define us. But our actions do. So here are some actions you can take to make you and your fellow classmates experience even better when you're in a packed class. • Arrive early! Get to the studio on time to set up your mat and always be in the room before the teacher. This will save having to rearrange the room and distract others later on. If you need to pay for class, get there with enough time to do so early to avoid lines. Please, always sign in before class on the sign in sheet. • Set up in between the lines instead of on the line. That way more mats can fit more comfortably and you aren’t using 2 spaces. • Be willing to adjust your mat or move when necessary. If you see someone wandering the room, searching for a spot, see if you can adjust to make room for them. They will love you for it and because of that you will have a great class, guaranteed! If during class you notice someone around you is cramped, see if you can adjust to give them more space. • Be aware of people behind you. Double check that you are not completely blocking some one’s view of themselves in the mirror. • Keep the drama to a minimum. Our practice becomes more emotional in big classes. We’re often not even aware, but our bodies have physiological responses to being around lots of people. We must use extra Yogi Power to stay focused and breathe. Keep cool and still when you’re in the posture and when you’re not in the posture. Your calmness will radiate to the people around you. • After class ends wait for the teacher to leave before you get up. Leave quietly so that others can enjoy a long Savasana. • Shower quickly because there are usually other people waiting. • Take all your belongings with you when you leave. With the combination of yoga brain and lots of people, it's easy to leave something behind. Big classes build character, it’s true. We become 100 times more effective when we work together. Yoga means “union.” Union between body, mind and spirit; union between heart and lungs; union between the internal systems of the body; and union between the incredible individuals that choose to spend 90 minutes of their day to improve their lives by practicing yoga together in one hot room.