June Juice Fest! Day 1!

  juice bottled
Day one of our cleanse!!!
Michelle, Peter, Rachel, Tighe, and Garland are all working hard to make and deliver the organic juices daily.  Each juice is made specially for you, with LOVE. <3
The specialty juice today is orange/ginger/oil of oregano.
I want to share with you some of what I know about the vegetables and fruits we are juicing.  A lot of this information I learned about juicing comes from Mary Jarvis.  She has been teaching and practicing Bikram Yoga for over 31 years and owned her own studio and juice company in San Francisco.
Cucumbers: High in silica.  Silica rebuilds connective tissue.  It helps with skin/hair/nail growth as well.  Also, they are very hydrating, making you GLOW!
Apples: Remove histamine from the body.
Ginger: anti-inflamitory, anti-cancer properties, anti bacterial
Carrots: Aid in regeneration of the cells of the lungs.  Good for the eyes!
Watermelon: High in electrolytes.  High in vitamins A, B, and C.  BREAKS DOWN URIC ACID in the body.  When you eat meat your body produces uric acid (this can cause inflammation, arthritis, and gout).
Oil of Oregano: Anti bacterial, anti fungal, immune booster.  Good for oral health.
Orange: High in vitamin C.  Good for immune system.
*It's important to note that the superfood smoothies you are drinking are incredibly nutrient dense.  The Pure Synergy we put in the smoothies is probably one of the most nutritious green foods on the planet.  That, and E3 Live (the wild algae we sell).
I cannot emphasize enough the how eating these kinds of foods (or drinking them) daily over time will positively affect your body.  The foods you eat change your DNA, your brain chemistry, and you cells.  "You are what you eat."  Even when you're not cleansing, please drink plenty of juice.  I make sure to drink cucumber juice and watermelon juice daily, as well as ginger and e3 live.
Drink your broth tonight.  As much as you want.  I usually drink equal parts broth and juice.
I hope everyone has a great day.  Make sure you go to yoga if you can!!!
Love, Garland