You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Why Milestones are Worth Remembering

by Morgan Blake We Bikram yogis can take our practice pretty seriously. I know I can be hard on myself at times when I feel like I can’t master a pose quickly enough. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you should have reached a certain milestone just because you’ve been practicing for a certain number of days, months, or even years? Sometimes it can be really hard to gain perspective on your own progress. We’re often harsh judges of our progress and can fall into the tendency to compare ourselves to others who’ve been practicing yoga for a similar amount of time. What we need to remind ourselves is that our milestones are personal and also worthy of celebrating. So how can we pay tribute to the milestones we make in our yoga practice? One simple way is to document them. Whether you use a spiral bound notepad, a fancy schmancy hardbound journal, or even your iPad - just pick something that works for you. Then whenever you have a breakthrough moment in your practice make sure to record it. It’s normal and quite common to feel like you’re not making progress in your practice. Revisiting your journal when you’re you in that stuck place can be a great way to give yourself a reality check. Your reflections will provide some concrete reassurance that you ARE in fact moving forward in your practice. And *that’s* certainly something worth celebrating!