Bikram Yoga Richmond is going GREENER, in honor of our beautiful planet.  Once we use our current supply, we will no longer be selling bottled watered or providing plastic wet clothing bags.  We will continue to provide FREE Kangen (filtered, anti-oxident, alkaline) water for all of our students.  Next to drinking fresh glacier water, this is some of the highest quality water that you can drink. Recyclable, compostable cups are available for purchase if you happen to forget your bottle.  We will continue to use compostable and recyclable cups for our organic juices and smoothies.
We are encouraging all of our students to look closely on the impact you personally are having on the environment. Many of you are already taking big steps to cut down on your waste and recycle whenever possible.  Thank you! The truth is, WE CAN ALL DO MORE.
We believe that the pollution to our planet is directly affecting our health and the lives of future generations. Here are some things you can do to make the world a safer and healthier place.
  1. Say NO to plastic.  Stop using and purchasing items and products made with plastic or non biodegradable materials.  Your money talks. Purchase products that use eco friendly packaging. Purchase goods that are made from natural materials.
  2. Recycle and reuse whenever possible.  Investigate your local recycling center and find out what items they accept.
  3. Cut back on your trash.  Cut out something each day.  Maybe it's a cup of Starbucks, or a pre-packaged lunch.  Make a conscious effort to eliminate trash each day.  Think of how much that adds up in one year.
  4. Eliminate the use of harmful chemicals.  If you wouldn't eat or drink something because it is hazardous to your health, why would you let it in to your water system or air you breathe?
  5. Use less water, electricity, energy, fuel whenever possible.
  6. Purchase local products that don't have to travel far to get to you.
  7. Eat organic foods.  Pesticides can be extremely harmful to people's health as well as plants and animals.
  8. Stop buying so much stuff.  Every item you purchase eventually becomes trash.  Choose your purchases wisely.
  9. Be picky about your meat.  Say NO to factory farming.
  10. Grow stuff.  Plant a tree.  Grow a garden.
  11. Spread the word.  Ask others to do the same. Encourage your local restaurants and businesses to recycle.