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April Penland Wins 2nd Place at Nationals: RTD Article

Our beloved student, April Penland, takes second place at Nationals.  Check out the article in the Richmond Times Dispatch Sunday paper!

June Juice Fest: Day 2!

Day two!  We made it through the night! Today’s specialty juice is pineapple, celery, turmeric, ginger.  This juice is highly anti-inflammatory because of the pineapple, ginger, and turmeric.  Also, based on some research I’ve done, celery is a powerful food for fighting breast cancer.  They have found that high amounts of celery (ideally juice form) Read more »

June Juice Fest! Day 1!

  Day one of our cleanse!!! Michelle, Peter, Rachel, Tighe, and Garland are all working hard to make and deliver the organic juices daily.  Each juice is made specially for you, with LOVE. <3 The specialty juice today is orange/ginger/oil of oregano. I want to share with you some of what I know about the Read more »

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

Check out this blog post about drug and alcohol addiction and how yoga can help with recovery.  It’s never to late to learn to forgive and love yourself and start from scratch once again.


Bikram Yoga Richmond is going GREENER, in honor of our beautiful planet.  Once we use our current supply, we will no longer be selling bottled watered or providing plastic wet clothing bags.  We will continue to provide FREE Kangen (filtered, anti-oxident, alkaline) water for all of our students.  Next to drinking fresh glacier water, this Read more »