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Stanley Fit!

Stanley Moreria, a fitness enthusiast and fellow blogger shares with us his recent experience in the yoga room. Whether an avid athlete or a newbie to the fitness world, Bikram Yoga proves to be just right for everyone! “Those new to yoga may not consider Bikram as an introductory class. Conversely, some fitness enthusiast may Read more »

60 Day Challenge and Esak’s Visit

To all of those that attended Esak’s workshop, thanks for a great weekend. It was so much fun. If you didn’t get to attend, no worries, we’ll have him back. He’s pretty awesome. Here is a quick synopsis of the workshop, Esak’s top 10. 1. 80/20 IS normal breathing in the yoga room. 2. Push Read more »

Challenge Week 6 and 1/2, the 17th Mile

We’re officially beyond week 6, and beyond our flexibility as well. Exceeding limits and expectations feels GOOD! Can you see the finish line? This past weekend was an amazing weekend for us at BYR. This is because we were sponsors of the marathon, half marathon, 8k and kid’s run here in Richmond, Virginia. We had Read more »

60 Day Challege Week 3! Back hurt much?

Back hurt much? Neck hurt? Shoulder hurt? Hip hurt? Knee hurt? Head hurt? Hair hurt? Like Bikram would say, “Good for you!!!” Most people that exercise regularly or do any type of training (like a Bikram Yoga Challenge) are likely to experience pain on a daily basis. This might not necessarily be a bad thing. Read more »

60 Day Challenge Week 2 and Delicious Raw Smoothie Recipe!

First of all, thank you for an inspiring 17 days. You guys are truly amazing. All the smiling, happy faces at the studios reconfirms how essential yoga is to having a happy, healthy and long life. Bikram always says that as humans we come up with all the excuses in the world not to take Read more »