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Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose, or Garuasana, like all the other postures, has tremendous effects on many of the internal organs and glands in your body’s systems. It effects the skeletal system by creating a pressure build up around all the major joints.  Make sure you are both sitting down and leaning back at the same time.  Follow Read more »

Kapalbhati Breathing

Final Kapalbhati breathing is thoughtfully positioned as the last breathing exercise we do at the very end of class. This breathing comes before final Savasana. Have you ever wondered what happens to your fat when you burn it off?  When you lose 20 pounds or even just take a Bikram class?  Studies show that you Read more »

Sasangasana or Rabbit Pose

This is no silly posture!!! Rabbit Pose helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles, organs, tissues, and glands along the back of the spine and hips while compressing the front. The posture helps to balance the endocrine system. It requires strength in the legs and flexibility in the spine. A few things to note…. 1.Keep Read more »

Ustrasana: Camel Pose

Camel is the posture you don’t want to skip. This is an excellent posture for realigning the spine and alleviating back pain. The posture helps to strengthen muscles around the spine allowing you to create space between each vertebra. As you create more space you get more circulation to the spine. It also helps with Read more »


Half Tortoise is a great posture for stretching the spine and, while getting circulation to many joints, glands, muscles, and organs. With your head elevation below your heart, you get lots of fresh blood flow to the brain. If you have tight hips or shoulders, this is a great posture for you. Here are some Read more »