60 Day Challege Week 3! Back hurt much?

Back hurt much? Neck hurt? Shoulder hurt? Hip hurt? Knee hurt? Head hurt? Hair hurt? Like Bikram would say, "Good for you!!!" Most people that exercise regularly or do any type of training (like a Bikram Yoga Challenge) are likely to experience pain on a daily basis. This might not necessarily be a bad thing. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body on a deep level. It teaches you to differentiate between good pain and bad pain. When you're in pain, listen carefully. Your body will tell you exactly what it needs. Here are a few tips for you to minimize pain over the next 36 days. Arrive to yoga early to "warm up" in the room. Just do some gentle stretches to relax yourself before class. Nothing rigorous. Not only will you feel more peaceful during your practice, but your muscles will be more relaxed and less sore. Take a long Savasana after class. Savasana is where all the repair is done for your body and central nervous system. While you are relaxing in stillness, every cell in your body is being re-energized, reorganized, and revitalized. These moments after class are precious. A seven minute Savasana after class is recommended for optimum benefit. Take Epson salt baths. Epson salt works so well because when you soak in one of these baths, it's actually detoxifying your body of lactic acid. Lactic acid is often what makes you stiff and sore. Also, when you soak in Epson salt you are absorbing minerals into you body by way of your largest organ, the skin. Choose an all natural anti-inflammatory. Arnica gel and pills (pellets) are great natural anti-inflammatories. Rub the gel in to sore muscles and take pellets several times daily to prevent pain. You can find these at Good Foods, Whole Foods, or Ellwood Thompson. Eat the right foods. The right foods include raw foods, healthy fats, and nuts and beans. Diet plays a vital role in the recovery process of your cells. The more living enzymes you consume, the faster your body will heal. Drink the raw smoothie for breakfast instead of cereal. Have a salad for lunch, instead of the sandwich. After your yoga class, eat high protein foods like nuts and beans to repair muscles. Healthy fats, like avocado and raw cheese is essential to your bodies repair as well. Avoid anything processed or canned. Another great way to treat yourself that helps with pain is massage. We have a great massage therapist, Michelle Pfeiffer, available for appointments at our Stony Point Studio. Please utilize her, she's fabulous! Click on our "massage" tab for more information on Michelle. This weeks Lucky Draw winner gets a free one hour massage with Michelle!!! And the winner is..... Christina Gibson :) Congratulations Christina! Please pick up you prize certificate at your earliest convenience. Thanks again for practicing yoga. Have a great week and see you tomorrow in the hot room!