60 Day Challenge and Esak’s Visit

To all of those that attended Esak's workshop, thanks for a great weekend. It was so much fun. If you didn't get to attend, no worries, we'll have him back. He's pretty awesome. Here is a quick synopsis of the workshop, Esak's top 10. 1. 80/20 IS normal breathing in the yoga room. 2. Push your hips in Half Moon and come down right away, it only hurts for a second, promise. Even if the mean teacher holds it for a whole minute ;) 3. You'll never learn to breathe normal in a deep expression of a posture if you don't practice breathing normal in a deep expression of a posture. 4. You have to learn to access the rhomboid muscles between the shoulders for backbending. Find the body parts. 5. Find the cramp on the top of your thigh in Standing Head to Knee. 6. If you're not good at a posture, change your mind. 7. If you're struggling with balancing in the postures, it's because balancing is hard. 8. If you have an injury, don't push through the pain. If you have something chronic, pushing through may help. 9. If your muscles are tight, get a massage! 10. Hydrate before and after class, not during. And the lucky draw winner this week is.... Allison Morris!!! Yay Allison. Good Karma for you. You win a breathe yoga mat! If you've never used one of these mats before, they are awesome!!! Very easy to care for, they go in the washer and dryer. Pick up your mat (your choice in color) next time you're at the studio. Alrighty guys. Let's have an awesome week!!!!