60 Day Challenge Week 2 and Delicious Raw Smoothie Recipe!

First of all, thank you for an inspiring 17 days. You guys are truly amazing. All the smiling, happy faces at the studios reconfirms how essential yoga is to having a happy, healthy and long life. Bikram always says that as humans we come up with all the excuses in the world not to take care of ourselves. "Too old, too bad, too sick, too tired, too busy, too poor, too fat, too skinny." By doing the yoga challenge, you are living examples that it is possible for people with busy lives, families, jobs, stress, unemployment, illness, injury and other obstacles, to take time everyday to put health and happiness first. You've turned obstacles in to opportunities. This is a Karmic dead that you are doing, and it is promised to you that if you continue to do your yoga, you know longer have to chase money, people, love, work, or the Gods; these things will chase you! The first couple weeks of the challenge we like to talk a lot about nutrition. This is because nutrition is an equal player, along with yoga, for a healthy and balanced life. If you have the proper nutrition you not only feel great, but you also can do yoga ALL DAY LONG!!! Wouldn't that be nice :) Proper nutrition includes things like fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, fresh made juices, E3 Live, beans, and sprouted seeds. The more raw, whole, organic foods you eat the better you will feel. The more energy you put in to your healthy diet, the more you will crave healthy foods. Below is a recipe for a delicious, raw, organic smoothie that is pack full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and natural proteins. Not to mention it's very hydrating. Recipe for Banana/Avocado Smoothie 1 organic banana 1 organic avocado 1 organic apple 2 tablespoons organic Chia Seeds 2 onces organic Aloevera juice 1/2 cup raw milk (or almond milk or whole milk) 1 large handful of ice (5-7 cubes) Blend these ingredients. (makes 1 large smoothie or two smaller) Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. In the morning drink this smoothie, a cup of green tea, and a shot of E3 Live and you're guaranteed to feel great in yoga and all throughout the day. This weeks Lucky Draw winner is..... Emily Ahern :) Congratulations Emily. For your prize, we've gone to Whole Foods and done your grocery shopping for you. We've purchased all your ingredients you need to make this delicious smoothie. Pick up your prize at your earliest convenience (some items perishable). Thanks everyone!!! Have a great week!