60 Day Challenge Week One and How to Stay Healthy!

We have kicked off the first week (or first 10 days) with a bang!!! Over a hundred and twenty crazy Yogis and Yoginis giving 110% for the next 60 days. You guys are awesome. A frequent question that new students ask is... "Is it safe to practice Bikram Yoga every day?" The answer, as you may be discovering, is YES! In fact you should be practicing every day. A very important objective of the challenge is to do more yoga, so that when it's over, you DO MORE YOGA! The bar has been raised and it feels good! The reason people ask this question might be because of the fact that Bikram Yoga is done in the heat and there is a lot of sweating involved. Sweating is very healthy and good for you. However, when you are doing exercise and you sweat a lot you must take extra care of yourself by way of nutrition. People that practice Bikram Yoga often report that they crave healthier foods. This is because your body needs healthy and natural foods to replace lost vitamins and minerals. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh made juice, sea salt, celtic salt, and coconut water are some healthy and natural ways to replace lost vitamins and minerals (or electrolytes). Another great product for overall health and balance, that we are now carrying at the studios, is E3 Live. We started carrying this product because we want to you guys to have every opportunity to be the best, healthiest, and happiest you can be. We are currently the only distributor of E3 Live in the Richmond area. Physiologically, E3 Live helps restore overall body and mind balance in numerous ways. It's field of action simultaneously includes the immune, endocrine, nervous, gastro-intestinal and cardio-vascular systems. Nutritionally, E3Live provides 64 easily absorbed vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has more biologically active chlorophyll than any known food. It is the most nutrient dense food known to mankind. Some other benefits include: Increase endurance and stamina Lift and balance mood to reduce stress Increase mental focus and concentration Balance blood-sugar levels Speed up recovery time Restore overall biochemical balance Enjoy long-lasting energy boost Grow healthier skin, nails and hair Truly enhance overall well-being You can practice yoga all day long if you have the right nutritional balance and this will help! Please try this product and let us know what you think. Every week we will be doing a Prize Drawing or as Pavida calls it, a "Lucky Draw!" Yay, lucky draw! This weeks winner is..... Caroline Stokes :) Caroline wins a bottle of E3 Live!!! Please enjoy this product and let us know if you have any questions. We'll see you this week in the Hot Room! Thank you for practicing Bikram Yoga! Have a great week.