Challenge Week 6 and 1/2, the 17th Mile

We're officially beyond week 6, and beyond our flexibility as well. Exceeding limits and expectations feels GOOD! Can you see the finish line? This past weekend was an amazing weekend for us at BYR. This is because we were sponsors of the marathon, half marathon, 8k and kid's run here in Richmond, Virginia. We had a running team of 16 people that did awesome and made BYR very, very proud. Emotions were high on Saturday November 13th, as we cheered on marathon runners at the 17th mile. We chose this spot so that we could join the lululemon girls in front of their store and synergize for strength in numbers. The 17th mile is an interesting place to be because it's a make or break point for many runners. They are tired and their bodies want to quit. We encouraged them to stay strong. Mind over matter. With music blasting, the VCU cheer squad cheering, lululemon dressed up in costume, and Jazzercise classes on the sidewalk, it was effortless to keep spirits high! We held signs that said things like, "Chuck Norris never ran a marathon," "Pain is weakness leaving the body," and "Crossing the finish line: Priceless." As runner after runner passed, we saw a variety of faces; smiling, determined, focused, tired, grateful, and even fearful. We did our best to reassure them they would indeed make it to the end and it would be so worth it when they crossed the finish line. The runners were very thankful and it was truly a rewarding experience. So what does running a marathon have to do with the Bikram Yoga 60 Day Challenge? Not just lucky numbers (26 postures and 2 breathing exercises and 26.2 miles). A marathon runner once said that his first Bikram Yoga class was "more difficult than running a marathon." Can you believe it? Many people might disagree, but the reality is Bikram Yoga is HARD! It's CHALLENGING! It pushes you to your limits and beyond. Like running a marathon, it takes discipline and determination and forces you to look with in yourself for strength. YOU become your own best friend. We are now at day 45. That's further than the 17th mile mark! The finish line is in sight! So here are your words of wisdom for day 45: Pain is in fact weakness leaving the body. Chuck Norris never did a 60 day challenge. Crossing the finish line is priceless. Keep up the good work Yogis because you're almost there, and when the 60 days is over, you'll be so happy to stuck with it! This week we are giving away TWO prizes. The official Lucky Draw winner is Michelle Rabena! Coincidentally Michelle ran the 8k on Saturday. We are giving a second prize this week to Lisa Taggart. We feel she deserves a special prize because not only is she doing the 60 day challenge, she also ran 26.2 miles on Saturday, completing her second marathon. You ladies are amazing! Thank you for inspiring us. You each win a $50 gift certificate to lululemon. There you can shop for yoga clothes and running clothes! Alright Challengers! See you this week in the hot room. Lots and lots of love to you, always.