Countdown to the First of 60 Classes

The 60 day Fall Challenge is just getting started and over 110 challengers are taking the plunge. There are few things in life better then getting to do yoga every day (and sometimes twice a day) for 60 days straight. Whatever your reasons are for signing up, one thing is for sure; after your challenge is completed, you will have a new life. Your new life does not mean that you are a different person. It means that your true self will really shine even more and in ways you never thought possible. Like Bikram says, "Yoga makes you, YOU!" And by the way, we want to hear more from YOU! So please keep us posted on your progress. Email us with questions, concerns, advice, or testemonials. We love to hear from you. Thanks to "Jay" for sending us these words of motivation below. We love her advice of putting yoga on your calendar first, then working everything else around class. Thanks Jay! Countdown to the First of 60 Classes Okay, so for various reasons, it’s been about a year since my last yoga class. Even though I haven’t been in a long while, I still consider yoga to be my favorite form of exercise for mind and body. I found an email in my inbox late last night announcing this 60 day challenge – It starts today so there wasn’t much time to think about it. Nobody loves a challenge more than I and so, being a Bengal Tiger (30 day challenge) and having completed the 40 day challenge, or was that 45, how could I possibly ignore the opportunity to go for Gold with this Fall 2010 Challenge. 60 Classes in 60 days. Here goes. My yoga mat is ready at the door and my clothes are neatly folded. The schedules for both studios have been printed and are on my notice board. I’ve also printed the details for the studio in Minneapolis where I will be for a few days during week 2. Am I ready. Uh oh… That was meant to read… I am ready! A typo worth leaving just the way it is. Two hours to my first class and I feel nervous and excited all at the same time. Just as I settled to channel my nervous energy into writing or perhaps rambling, my husband walked in with a few articles I printed from the Bikram website. I thought the big smile was for me but it turns out he pulled the articles I printed from the printer and loved the title of “Do Thumbs Sweat?” I love it too. If I had written an article after my class, it would probably have been titled “Do Eyeballs Sweat?” Whenever anyone asked how my first class went, I told them it was so hot my eyeballs sweated. I know, really attractive thought. I think the reason Bikram yoga works so well for me is that my thoughts can only move between posture and heat. As unfocussed as I am generally, my thoughts do not leave the calm of the yoga room. An observation that still fascinates me. About my first ever class: If you know that feeling lightness you get when you walk into a room that you’ve organized, well that’s how I felt about life the morning following my first class. It gets even better. I drove to work expecting the usual million-thoughts-a-minute experience and found I was having one clear thought at a time. Wow, to think there are people who live like that. I want to be one of them. One hour and forty five minutes to go. The anticipation of a yoga class is coming back to me. I know why I’m going back. Yoga makes everything just right. One hour and ten minutes to go. I’m dressed now and my yoga mat is still at the door waiting for me. I froze some water last night as my one little comfort during the class today. I hear they have cold lavenders towels at the end of class. Guess I’ll have two comforts today then. Oh Joy ! Things just got a whole lot more interesting. I have been trying to talk my husband into going to a Bikram class for years and have tried many devious means to lure him to a class. As if one can lure someone into sticking their head in an oven, I tried anyway. One more attempt today, it worked. I asked him to make a bet with me that, if he lost, he would have to come to a Bikram class. The deal is, if I lose 25 pounds, he will come to a class with me. Poor thing, I think they would call that double jeopardy for him – Yoga makes you lose weight and I would love to see him sweat it out. And oh yeah, it’s the first day of a 60 day challenge. Turns out we have two challenges on the table. One hour to go. Do you think the ladies at the Y are blogging about waiting for a step or cycle class to start? If they are, I haven’t seen it. Yet, when it comes to Bikram yoga, there are so many blogs by Bikram victors and victims. Be they former or latter, each are equally proud of their achievements. I’m proud to be a little of each. Signing off for now so that I can… Actually, I don’t know what I’ll do with the next hour. I just know I’m ready. Should I eat something? Did I drink enough? Had a good lunch and have been hydrating - I should be okay. Here’s to 60 days of getting to know myself… and you. Good Luck fellow contenders/challengers! You can do it! A tip: Put yoga on your calendar first and work around it.