Yoga for Every Body


Original 90 minute Bikram Yoga Class

During this 90 minute class, students will practice 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.┬áThe sequence of postures is designed to work every muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, and cell of your body. The postures will move you through positions that use every single normal range of motion for the adult human body. Our bodies were designed to MOVE, and this healing class will make sure that your body is healthy and functional for the rest of your life.  

60 Minute Power Hour

The same postures you love, done in 60 minutes. This class moves with both tempo and flow, and will work every single part of your body similar to the 90 minute class.  

Kids Yoga

This class is for kids ages 17 and under. They will learn the 26 postures Bikram Yoga postures and breathing exercises. This class is done in an unheated room, and is very laid back, fun, and your child can meet new yoga friends! Mom and Dad can join (kids 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult), or you can drop your kids off for an hour of adult free time.