“A natural progression for me from dancing”
I started practicing Bikram Yoga in February of 2007. My friend Jessica (yes the teacher) brought me to my first class. After my first class I said, "I felt like I was going to die, I love it". After I started practicing regularly I felt how it was changeing my life. The yoga made me more centered and focused. I simply felt good. I had looked at the flyers with information about teacher training, but never seriously considered it until my life became totally overwhelming and I knew I needed a change. I decided I might want to go in the fall of 2007. It took me a year to get there, but I did my teacher training in the fall of 2008. It was a life changing experience. I have been teaching ever since. Yoga has been a natural progression for me from dancing and it has informed and changed my dance teaching. I am more patient (though not always, I'm still learning) and I have a greater understanding of the human body. I don't know what my life will bring me, but I know yoga will always be a part of it.