“My plan is to practice and teach this yoga for my lifetime!”
Bikram Yoga has significantly transformed my life. I started taking yoga at work to deal with job stress. A friend brought me to my first Bikram class in 2004. My preference to continue to practice Bikram yoga stemmed from the discipline and challenge of the practice, as well as the heat. The heat was so kind to my body…eased my tight and aching muscles and joints. The aerobic challenge of the practice amazed me! Over time this yoga became an integral part of my self care and recovery program. When I look in the mirror I am forced to see things...for example, fear…the discipline of the practice makes you face these fears head on. I would be happy to share with anyone the particulars about what I have been able to overcome with this yoga, and specific metrics of health improvement. My overall health and well being has improved dramatically as a direct result of this practice, and with the help and support of all the Bikram Yoga teachers and students. One of Bikram's senior teachers calls it 'the prescription that has zero side effects'. Bikram's philosophy has inspired me to truly believe that is 'never too late to start from scratch once again'. I decided that teaching needed to be part of my life plan. In order to keep what you have (i.e., health and serenity) you have to 'give it away'. To teach Bikram yoga is to choose a life of service to help others. I wanted to share the gifts of this powerful practice with as many people as possible, and what better way than to teach? I also wanted to prove to myself that regardless of my own perceived limitations, anything was possible. In Spring Training 2007, Bikram reinforced for me many fundamental life principles. Have zero expectations so that you do not create your own limitations that limit possibilities in your life. The Bikram community is worldwide…training with over 300 people representing over 40 countries taught me that there is hope for goodness in this world. I am grateful to be able to teach and share my journey with the Bikram Yoga Richmond community. My plan is to practice and teach this yoga for my lifetime!