“Bikram yoga changed my life.”
My first Bikram yoga class was in Washington, D.C., at the Tenleytown studio. It was spring of 2003, and a friend who was trying to lose weight through Bikram Yoga talked me into going. He knew that I had been taking hatha and "power" yoga classes and thought I might be interested. I thought he was crazy. "Are you kidding? 110 degrees? Mirrors? No way!" But I went. A couple of classes was all it took. This was amazing: No more once-a-week yoga class and then practice at home alone for the rest of the week. No more three-times-a-week running, pounding my legs to pieces, just to get some cardio into my routine. Now I could practice yoga every day (and forget the running), in a room full of focused, enthusiastic people who loved to talk about what Bikram yoga had done for them: recoveries from knee injuries and back surgeries, pounds and inches lost, figures regained, upper bodies strengthened, balance achieved, peace of mind rediscovered. No exaggeration: Bikram yoga changed my life. After a few months of practicing, I quit the high-stress job I'd had for nearly 15 years (and had wanted to quit for the last seven), sold my house and went to the Teacher Training in Los Angeles in January 2004. I've heard it said that when you jump into the void, the universe gives you what you need. Right before I left for training, I fell in love ... which is how I wound up in Richmond, began teaching in April and got married in May.