“I love teaching Bikram yoga and sharing this gift.”
20150503_USA Yoga_0346I first started Bikram yoga, during a very stressful period in my life. It was midway through my first year of teaching middle and high school Spanish. I had one hundred and ten rebellious adolescents. Every day was a struggle just to get them to behave and do their work. Yelling seemed to be the only way to get their attention. I was very depressed and felt like a failure as a teacher. I wasn't handling the stress very well and felt unhealthy. I didn’t know how I would finish the school year. I heard about Bikram yoga from a good friend, and in January of 2007 I attended my first class. I was immediately hooked. It made me feel so strong, confident, focused, and relaxed at the same time. Every time I took a class I felt as if I had spent the day at a spa. My attitude at work changed immediately. I became so much more patient and loving towards my students. I was able to see beyond their actions and appreciate how truly special each individual student really was. The students noticed a change in me immediately. It was an amazing transformation that took place inside of me, and I still continue to transform every day from this yoga. In the fall of 2007 I went to Bikram's teacher training in Hawaii and never looked back. In 2010 I became co-owner and President of Bikram Yoga Richmond. In my five years as a business owner I've developed a couple of new creases in my forehead as well as an even greater appreciation for this yoga's life changing abilities and compassion for my students. In 2009 I began training and competing for USA Yoga (the yoga asana championships), and continue to do so today. My experience with the yoga competition has been perhaps, my greatest feat! Learning to be a good yogi, sportsman, competitor, and even a coach, has brought so much meaning and joy to my life. I've had to overcome many fears, anxieties, and insecurities to demonstrate the practice that I love, and I'm so grateful to the teachers and friends I've met along the way who have encouraged me. I love not only what Bikram yoga does for me, but how it affects all the people around me. It’s the greatest gift I have ever received. This yoga has helped me to achieve dreams I never thought possible. I love teaching Bikram yoga and sharing this gift with the Richmond community and the rest of the world.