Kim S.

My husband, Brian, dragged me to my first Bikram yoga class in March 2010. I had done yoga once before and it wasn’t for me, too much laying around and relaxing! I’m a runner by nature so I was looking for an intense workout, but also something healing. My years of running had destroyed by hip and I was in constant pain. At the age of 40, I knew I needed to “fix” my body or I was going to end up with a mess. Lucky for me, I was addicted after my first day in the “torture chamber” (Bikram’s favorite term for the yoga room). I had never been so physically challenged in my life. Sweat was pouring off me like I was in the shower. My legs, shoulders, back; everything was so tight. I couldn’t believe how inflexible I was (years of running again!). I committed to Bikram yoga for a month wanting to give it a real chance to change my body. Boy did I love the results. A year and a half later my body, my mind, and my life have changed. I’ve reshaped my body, losing 20 pounds and gaining much needed muscle and flexibility. My mind is calmer, happier, and more stress free; things are “rolling off my back” like never before. Socially, I’ve made many new friends at the studio; people I would never have run into otherwise. Finally, I sold my business to become a yoga teacher. That was a major life change and I couldn’t have made a better decision. Not only do I love taking classes, but I love teaching them just as much. So, if you are looking for a mind, body, and life changing experience I dare you to try the hot room. You might get hooked like me!