“I hope to share the benefits of Bikram yoga with as many people as I can, using myself as an example.”
I entered the Bikram yoga studio very sheepishly one Fall day in 2007, limping in with one messed up ankle. I had a wicked case of tendonitis from too much of "something" during my previous fitness routine. While my routine was fun and energetic, it was causing harm to my body such that I couldn't even go for a simple walk without pain. I missed the sweat and hard work. I was grounded, attending physical therapy twice a week and wearing one of those attractive isolation boots that enable you to get around without ankle pain. It took a lot of courage for me to enter the studio that day. My impression of those who did Bikram yoga was that everyone was a super athlete, fit beyond belief. Something that I was most certainly not. And even when I was told that there are "all kinds of people" who do Bikram yoga, and that it is "for every body," I was not a believer. I was a skeptic. Until I took my first class. Then, I realized that Bikram yoga IS truly for every...body. Everyone benefits from Bikram yoga. I did not fall "in love at first sight" like many people do. In fact, I was a clock watcher during my first days. I had many days full of "why am I doing this?" thoughts. But, because I felt so good after class, because my ankle stopped hurting, because I just started to feel so GOOD...I kept going back for more. And more! I tried a challenge and found that not only was I capable of completing the challenge physically, but that the best part of it all was the Bikram yoga community that helped to carry me through with their support. What an amazing bunch of people! I began to wonder how I could make this an even bigger part of my life. As a former teacher, I wondered if I could survive the teacher training course and return to be able to give this gift of yoga to others with something that I loved to do...teach! After much thought and planning (and a little throwing caution to the wind), I attended teacher training in the Spring of 2010, leaving behind my husband and daughter for some special bonding time of their own. I return to embark upon this teaching adventure and hoping to share the benefits of Bikram yoga with as many people as I can, using myself as an example of "never too old, never too sick, never too bad, never too start from scratch and begin again."