Meredith B.

“Bikram yoga is my North Star.”
I started practicing a very gentle hatha yoga when I was 19, soon after being diagnosed with a typically chronic illness. Many months and savasanas later, I recovered fully and went back to school in Charlottesville. I knew yoga would be part of the rest of my life. I took the first class Bikram Yoga Charlottesville offered in January 2004. The practice took hold of me. I loved that Bikram Yoga made me sweat and work like I once had as an athlete, but that it also gave me peace, and was all the while restoring me to full health and a full life. I still practice and love all kinds of yoga, and I still run, hike, cycle, and swim. But Bikram Yoga is my North Star. I went to training in the spring of 2006 and taught in Charlottesville under the direction of Michaela Curran Grubbs and Lizzie Collier Clark before moving to Lexington, Virginia, for law school. I graduated from law school and moved to Richmond in May 2010. I am so grateful and excited to teach and practice at Bikram Yoga Richmond. Thank you for having me and for sharing your lives and your practices with me.