“I hope I can help others to 'live better, live stronger, live longer' with Bikram Yoga.”
I have practiced some type of exercise most of my adult life. However, it never would have occurred to me to try Bikram yoga if it wasn’t for my daughter, Garland. I resisted because the thought of exercising in 105+ degrees intimidated me. However, once Garland became a teacher, I had to experience what had dramatically changed her life. It wasn’t until after the third class that I felt I could do this yoga. Initially, I could not sit Japanese style; it hurt my knees too much. My balance was pitiful. I had IT (iliotibial) Band Syndrome. My hip joints were so inflexible, that I could not sit crossed-legged comfortably. Over time all of these problems have improved. I don’t push myself too much, but I practice regularly, attempt every posture, and my body improves a little at a time. As I get older, my one great fear is losing the spring in my step, so I am determined not to let that happen. I retired in June 2009. A year later, a good friend quoted a keynote speaker at her son’s graduation. “When you find your comfort zone, stay out of it”. I was well into my comfort zone, so with the encouragement of my daughter and support of my husband, I decided to attend the Fall 2010 Teacher Training. Garland asked if I wanted to work in the business, and the only way to do that is to be a certified teacher. My whole life I have been uncomfortable with public speaking, so I knew this would be a good way to stay out of my comfort zone. More and more, yoga is being recognized by experts for the array of positive effects it has on the body. I love Bikram Yoga because I get the added benefit of an aerobic workout. I hope I can help others to “live better, live stronger, live longer” with Bikram Yoga.