Dandayamana Danurasana

Standing Bow Pulling Pose, also nicknamed the "party pose," is often thought of as one of the most glamorous postures in the Bikram series. It's visually stunning and very difficult to master, not to mention, arduous to hold in stillness for an eternity of 60 seconds. It's backbending, one-leg balancing, and spinetwisting at it's finest moment in the class. If you ever find yourself at a party, and the topic of yoga comes up, someone inevitably will ask you to demonstrate a posture. Chances are you will not pick Wind Removing Pose. So there you are, in a room full of people, in all your glory, doing your best standing bow. Okay so maybe not. However, if the confidence in your public demonstrations of this posture is not there yet, don't worry. Practice, practice, practice! You'll be loving your standing bow posture in no time! Aesthetically speaking, standing bow is a beautiful posture, but here are some physiological benefits happening to you at a cellular level when you do the posture... Stimulates cardiovascular system Increases circulation to heart and lungs Opens diaphragm Opens shoulder joint Helps frozen shoulder conditions Improves spine elasticity Improves strength and balance Reduces abdominal fat Helps regulate ovaries and prostate gland To really master the Standing Bow, you must do four things every time you take class. 1. Make up your mind before the posture even starts, not to give up. 2. Concentrate: stare at your knee with your laser beam vision and don't change or blink your eyes from start to finish, regardless of what happens around you. 3. Have no emotional opinion of yourself or the posture, whatever happens. Even if you fall and knock over your neighbor or kick the back wall. Have no emotional opinion. 4. When you're in your final expression, and you aren't going any further, hang out there and be thoughtless, like suspended animation.