Last year, Dr. Oz publicly stated on Oprah the digestive benefits you get from doing this posture. As you pull each knee into your shoulder and then both knees into your chest, you massage the ascending, descending, and transverse colons, removing flatulence from the body and stimulating the removal of waste. You're also improving your flexibility in your hip joint, and aligning your skeletal system. This posture is preparation for the backbending/spine strengthening series, so you'll want to work hard in the posture. Make sure you're using your arm and upper body strength in the pose. Many people struggle with grabbing their knees or elbows due to lack of flexibility or being overweight. However, don't be discouraged. The 26 posture series is rapidly changing and improving the condition of your entire body, so keep trying each day, and you'll achieve the pose. Bikram Yogis have awesome digestive systems. Now that's something to brag about!