Do you ever consider skipping this posture because it's hard? You shouldn't! The Locust Pose has the same benefits as the Cobra, but is even more potent in the cure of many back or spinal problem, such as gout, slipped disc, and sciatica. It cures tennis elbow and is also excellent for firming the buttocks and hips. In the beginning you might experience pain in your elbows. This is normal and will go away over time. This is a three part posture. First lift your right leg, then your left leg, then both legs. It is important to go as high as you can in all three parts, while maintaining locked knees, and proper alignment. To get higher, think of contracting your muscles, while at the same time stretching your leg or legs away from you. The stretching of the legs will give you more space to contract your muscles. Just when you think you can't go any higher, squeeze your glute muscles (your buttocks), and come up one more inch. Remember, everyone is struggling in the pose; don't give up!