The is the posture that everyone knows by it's Sanskrit name, and more than likely, it will be the posture that comes to mind when you're asked about your favorite pose. It's simple, and there is little instruction; "Lie straight, arms down side, relax." It's the point in class when "the real yoga begins." So why do we find it difficult to do something so basic? The idea is to do nothing, which, in our action based world is really difficult. It is sometimes more challenging, in a completely different way, than the poses themselves. Many students find themselves uncomfortable lying still and will find excuses to move the body; drinking water, scratching, wiping sweat, messing with hair, clothes, or yoga mat. All of these are ways to avoid the present moment. If you find yourself doing these things, it does not mean you're evil. In fact, it's interesting about yourself, and something for you to work on. Lying still and breathing takes practice. This is introduction to meditation, which is a whole new world of health and peace. Also, give yourself a final Savasana at the end of class. Some students simply leave when it's time for final Savasana, thinking it's a waste of time or they are too busy. They're ready to get going on their action list. Think of final Savasana, not as an inconvenience, but as a reward. It's like a vacation for you brain and nervous system. Practicing a 5-10 minute Savasana at the end of class will make you look, feel, and behave like a happier person. So do it for yourself, because you deserve it!