Bikram promises, if you learn to do this posture, you can have anything you want in life. You no longer have to chase money, love, or the gods. You will find these things chasing you. You will be on a different level of thinking than the average human being. Esak Garcia says this posture has everything to do with the non-physical aspect of yoga: faith, self control, determination, patience, and concentration. Mary Jarvis says this posture tells your life's story. Wow! That's a lot to live up to for one posture and it can feel overwhelming. The best advice is to take this posture one step at a time...and breathe! There you go, you're already using your patience, and not rushing ahead. In the beginning it will feel like your foot is a mile away. Have faith, you will pick up your foot. Keep practicing. Once you've picked up your foot, you have a bigger issue. Locking your standing knee. You have to bring all of your concentration to your standing knee for 60 honest seconds, and truly believe that you don't have a knee. According to Bikram, until you can do this, you will never find peace and happiness, or learn to meditate. Yoga Journal once asked Bikram in an interview what it means to him to meditate. His answer; "LOCK THE KNEE!" Once you've locked your standing knee and picked up your foot, self confidence starts to improve. Determination kicks in. You realize that the chances of you actually learning to complete this posture are getting a lot better and quicker. So you kick without interruption or intermission until your both knees are locked (don't forget to find the cramp on the top of both thighs). Then bring your elbows down. Finally, you use all your self-control to balance and put your forehead on your knee. But wait! The posture is still not over! Execute each step with control, coming out the exact opposite way you went in. Always remember, if you try the right way, and never give up, you get 100% benefit from the posture.