Balancing Stick Pose, the natural human tug of war! Don't be fooled, even though it feels like you're about to have a heart attack in this pose, you are not at war with yourself. You are in fact strengthening your heart muscle and your lungs while improving your physical, psychological, and mental powers. This is also one of the best poses for your posture. Balancing Stick is only 10 seconds, but after the 2 previous one-minute postures, it may feel like an eternity. However, at this point in the class it is much easier to be in the posture than to be out of the posture. So notice every detail of yourself while you're in it. Here are some tips. Start like Half Moon (arms with ears, hips forward, upper body leaning back). Take a half a second to lock both knees and point your toes BEFORE you come down in to the posture! Start with full lungs and when your in the posture breathe 80/20. Pretend you have a surfboard attached to your back and you can't bend. Play a game with yourself. Try and see your standing foot visible in the mirror from start to finish with out dropping your arms below your ears. Remember, Balancing Stick is a very short posture. Before it even starts, you have to make up your mind to use your 100% strength. If you're late, you miss it, the posture is over!