John R.

“I recommend this to anyone who is doing triathlons or any other sporting activity”
In my job, I spend a great deal of time sitting, whether at my desk, in a plane, or in a car, I am always sitting. Couple this with my very active non-work life of swimming, biking, running, and family, it has given my hips and legs a reason to cry uncle. I had hip-flexor and sciatica issues that never seemed to disappear. I tried all the home remedies only to find that the pain never faded. It was at that point that I discovered Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga has changed the way I view stretching and body alignment. I always considered stretching the exercise I did for the last 30 seconds before I got into my car, but not anymore. I have found that spending 90 minutes in the hot room focusing on nothing but body alignment and stretching has improved my core strength and in turn my fledgling amateur triathlon career. The heat of the hot room allows you to stretch areas that are normally very difficult to stretch, it flushes all the toxins from your body, and I burn close 1000 calories. I would recommend this to anyone who is doing triathlons or any other sporting activity where you find very little time for stretching. This will not only improve your flexibility, but also help prevent over-use injuries. I think you should judge the results for yourself, spend 90 minutes in the hot room with the expert instruction, and I think you too will be hooked. I did and now I am believer.