Amazing Blood Work Results

How long have you been practicing? 9 months: 2-3 times week How did you hear about us? Carrie (daughter) What was your first class like? Very tough, slowest clock I've ever seen Did you have an injuries or illnesses when you began? Yes. I play alot of softball and last year I battle hamstring problem from May 08-Oct 08. Bikram yoga has improved my flexibility and so far this season, no pulls! What changes have you noticed in yourself that you believe are a result of you practicing the yoga? Have lost 5 lbs but more importantly lost inches in waist. Endurance and strength are better. What "unexpected" benefits have you received? AMAZING blood work! Glucose dropped 4 pts (99 to 95) HDL increased 16 pts (38 to 54) LDL dropped 5 points (127 to 122) VLDL dropped 10 points (23 to 13) Triglycerides dropped 53 pts (117 to 64) What would you like to tell people who are feeling hesitant about trying the yoga? Anybody can do it. The instructors are awesome and can/will help anybody.