Jayne R.

“Bikram is the best!”
My lifestyle has always been active: biking, running, swimming, skiing, hiking and camping. In the 1990s, Ashtanga yoga became my passion. I loved every headstand, handstand, twist and turn as I used my ujai breath to cultivate heat and power my way into poses. I paid scant attention to the snaking pain that wound its way into my previously injured and genetically mutated low back. After several years and several classes, I could not get out of bed, the car, a chair, up stairs or lift anything without back pain. I tried gentle yoga and a home practice to no avail. Hmm, this was not good. The doctor, in a stroke of brilliance, diagnosed my searing low back pain as, well, chronic low back pain. The recommendations were rest (I gained weight), prescriptive medication (fun for a time) and physical therapy (the therapist was none too happy to listen to a whining middle aged woman). I decided to take responsibility for my own health and self-prescribed two weeks of Bikram, the pain be damned. Well, let me tell you the pain was damnable! It really, really hurt. From the very first posture, my back began to pinch. I thought I would throw up after the spine strengthening series. I was certain that the final Savasana (corpse pose) was really my final Savasana. But wonder of wonders, after class I was pain free all day and slept through the night without pain. Practicing Bikram three times a week is, as Beth analogized, like a vitamin. Bikram has made the rest of my life much better. I am calmer. I happily bike, swim, ski, hike and camp without fear of incapacitating back pain. Additional Bikram bonus benefits include reduced menopausal symptoms and slow weight loss (approximately pound/month)! I highly recommend Bikram to anyone who is willing to suffer a minimal amount of pain to resolve their long-standing back issues and drastically improve their life. Just one last word Bikram is the best!