Miriam G.

“I lost 15 pounds, which is huge considering I'm only 5'3”."
No one forgets their first Bikram yoga class. My first class was very surreal. As I suffered through the postures, I looked around and wondered if those people had come from Mars. It was not possible that they were enjoying the heat and all the "suffering". I left class promising myself that I would only finish my first weekly package and secretly laughed when the teacher said "See you tomorrow". Almost two years later, I am very addicted to Bikram yoga and all aspects of my life have changed. I have improved my concentration, muscle definition, respiratory system, motivation, endurance and flexibility. I also have better skin, and I rarely ever get sick! My friends tell me that I am completely transformed. I have lost 15 lbs which is huge considering I am only 5’3". I also grew one inch – I used to be 5’2" tall! There is one other major benefit to this practice: the amazing friends that I met. We all share a common passion and seem to have similar interests because when we go out for drinks, the fun never ends.