Boren E.

I remember taking my very first class back in November of 2014. I just remember how hot it was and wonder what the hell was I thinking. What I did know was, I forgot about the sadness that I was dealing with because of my divorce. That sadness would eventually bring me to the darkness period of my life, where the outcome landed me in the psych ward for a week. I felt like I reach rock bottom and had thoughts that I had nothing to live for.  During the stay they had group yoga and I just remember wishing that I was in that hot room sweating instead of the hospital. People suffer everyday with mental health and there is a stigma that causes them not to talk about it. You shouldn't suffer in silence and people do care. Richmond Bikram yoga was a place where I found peace and was able to clear my mind and focus. The staff makes you feel like family and are so supportive. Bikram is more than just another form of exercising to me, it's my therapy.  Some days may be darker than others but just remember,"You are so important."