Denise M.

Nothing seems to relieve my symptoms of anxiety and depression as much as practicing Bikram yoga does. Sometimes I arrive at our studio with too many stressors of life…..difficult challenges and issues that I have little to no control over. I feel out of balance, sad and unhealthy. After 90 minutes of class, my problems still exist of course, but I am now in an improved state of mind, body and spirit and therefore better prepared to deal with these concerns. The #1 benefit I receive from Bikram Yoga is a concept I learned from my dear, precious friend and excellent BYR instructor, Bobbie Flatin……to breathe in LOVE and to exhale PEACE. Bobbie said she used this concept to endure the demands of teacher training and that is serves her well to this day. As soon as I enter our hot room, I begin to consciously breathe in with a focus on the concept of LOVE and what it means to me, and how it makes me feel. Then, as I exhale, I’m aware of PEACE and what serenity feels and looks like to me. I allow these powerful yet simple feelings to settle through out my entire being. Practicing BY with an emphasis on breathing in LOVE and exhaling PEACE has been a blessing for me as an effective way to become more in alignment with my true self. It is like medicine for me….sort of like taking a magic pill that becomes effective after taking class. This new way of breathing has also translated into benefits for my daily life as my family and friends will often remind me of this valuable concept if they sense I’m getting anxious and/or frustrated. I’m forever grateful to Bobbie and BYR for teaching me such a life-enhancing gift. Breathe in Love, exhale Peace….LIVE LOVE and PEACE!