Matt B.

“As long as I exercise, my back is fine.”
It hurts to be me. Actually, pain is one reason why I do yoga. I had back problems, but that has gone away. As long as I exercise, my back is fine. The tight hamstrings, stiff neck, and ankle problems, are reasons why I do the stretching. I know it is good for me, but there are other reasons why I do yoga. The main reason I started going to Bikram Yoga in Richmond was due to a challenge given to us Captain Career Course students back in December 2009. After the course director welcomed us to ALU, she suggested some ideas for personal development. The hope was to find something to devote ourselves to for spiritual growth, or self-improvement, in addition to the mental and physical requirements of being in the Army. On the surface, I do yoga because I think it helps me physically, but it helps me mentally -or spiritually-- as well. It teaches me about how my mind works, living in a world where a red light can turn green without my noticing, finding myself upset with red lights that are not even there anymore. I know that I am not the only one who hurts, and the aches and pains we need recovery from are not solely from exercises that we do in yoga class. Our hearts get broken. Loneliness leans heavy in a world filled with people all around. But take care to learn how to ignore those feelings we mistakenly throw at the red lights. Embrace the challenges presented to you. We cannot say forever, "There is always next year."