Jessica O.

My first round of depression, knowing what it actually was and it seemed I had it most of my life, came after a severe break up in college. I lost a lot of friends because they were loyal to my ex. I was away from home and my mother didn't(still doesn't) believe in depression, you just get over it. I had a good friend and had a therapist through school, took pills and it just didn't seem to help. Eventually after a long time, I was a bit better, but always struggled. Sadly after moving to Richmond history repeated itself. But this time, I had no friends, no family and no support system for 800 miles. I knew what could happen, how bad it could get. I couldn't let it happen again. I am thankful everyday that I have Bikram. Not just for making me focus on myself in a positive way and loosing weight, but for the new life it has given me. It kept me going through some dark times and it has given me new friends and a support system. I can't remember which instructor said it, but they said " the day you don't feel like going, is the day you need it most." That has been so true with me and it has kept me going. I set a goal to go at least 10-15 times a month no matter what. With work it can be hard but my best has been 18. It has helped me so much more than pills ever could. No matter where life takes me I will always have Bikram. Who knows maybe one day I'll teach, there are no studios back home and I would like to help others in need and show them how wonderful it is.