My car was hit at 30 MPH last Halloween while I was finishing up grad school. My back and neck were jutted out of alignment and they remained that way until after my defense, graduation, the holidays and moving to Richmond. I couldn't sit or stand in one position for more than an hour which made commutes and desk work/ site work very painful and I knew I wasn't as productive as I could be. I started Bikram Yoga when I was finally able to start seeing a PT in February. The yoga (especially the back exercizes) have made a huge difference! I can drive/sit for longer periods without pain and doing my work (which I love) has become enjoyable again because I am not distracted by pain. I am now starting to see some weight that I gained since the accident coming off. I'm trying to make Bikram Yoga a lifelong practice so in the case of any more accidents (hope not) I know I can get right back on my feet!