Michael W.

My wife and I started practicing in the middle of December of 2011. At that time I was 5’11” and 206 lbs. I could stretch forward and reach just above the middle of my shin with the tips of my fingers, and both of my knees were weak and injured. In my first class I was quite sure that Garland (my first teacher) was friends with Satan, and that she was the attendant for the waiting room for hell. It was terribly hard. I couldn’t do fixed firm position or camel. Standing head to knee was more like bending over and not throwing up. We have practiced (with the exception of the week of Christmas/New Years) 3 times a week, or if lucky 4 times. By the end of January I could do fixed firm position (that is, my knees didn’t feel like they would explode), and I could touch my toes. Crazy. By the end of February I could do all three elements of awkward position (and even got a little praise). By the end of March I (unbelievably) lifted my heels off the ground in leg stretching. Now, here it is the middle of April 2012, I’ve lost 18 pounds in 4 months (I’m still the same height). My knees feel great most days. I sleep like a child. I no longer think that any teacher is hell’s waiting room attendant. I drink a ton of water. I’m as healthy as I remember ever being. And overall, life is pretty good. I owe all of that, in so many ways, to practicing Bikram Yoga.