Sam G.

My interest with Bikram yoga has always coincided with major life events for me. The first two times I practiced this yoga was after the births of my two children. Bikram yoga helped to provide strength, flexibility, and endurance-all wonderful things for a mom chasing after her kids! However as most things in life, there is a wave that ebbs and flows, we experience the joys and the sorrow- my most recent time coming back to this yoga was after the tragic death of my older brother who was killed in a gas explosion-he was 36 and a father of two boys. I witnessed his final breath and last heart beat before my family and I said goodbye. My life took a turn, or a dive into a very sad, sullen, and angry place. I did not know how to move forward and feel good about myself. I was stuck in my grief and making bad, unhealthy choices until one day my husband looked at me and said "Go to yoga, you need to do something." That was the best advice-as I reengaged in Bikram yoga I was able to heal myself emotionally, spiritually and physically. My focus became giving back to myself and regaining my strength. I miss my brother every second of the day...but I feel like I have been able to focus more on living life and the value of each precious breath I take.