Dave J.

“Lost 8 pounds this month, 20 over 6 months”
Having heard about Hot Yoga, I wandered into the Richmond studio about six months ago the idea of daily classes seemed impossible to me after my first class. At the time, I was doing about 3 classes of yoga per week. I am now fully an enthusiast and really enjoy the days when I can do 2 classes in one day. [I would encourage you to try doubles, the second class has you pre-stretched, opening your mind and body to take it to your next level.] Here's what I like about Bikram Yoga:
  • Lots of opportunity to take the class 21 classes per week, so you can progress in your practice.
  • The heat that detoxifies you and enables deeper stretching. I am a believer in what they teach about various internal organ function improvements.
  • The sense of always being at your personal edge and making your own progress.
  • The detailed instruction and positive voice and corrections offered by the teachers [I literally learn or re-learn a number of details in every class, taking me closer to my best].
As I near the end of the Yoga Challenge (25 classes in 30 days), let me tell you about some of my results in terms of health benefits and Yoga mini-goals reached (for a man in his fifties, although I think age is irrelevant to this practice):
  • Lost 8 pounds this month, 20 over 6 months. [For you Weight Watchers, each class credits you 5 points or about 250 calories]
  • Achilles tendonitis-Gone!
  • Left knee stiff from old injury Gone! [I still cant always do Japanese-style kneeling, but I am literally 4 inches closer in a month!]
  • Backaches-Now nonexistent! My inherent core strength and balance are different. Ifeel like I actually walk and sit differently more upright and in control.
  • Sleep- greatly improved! My energy has now become higher after class than before, even after doubles.
  • Mental outlook: 'Breathed' my way around an argument, avoiding it and reaching a great solution. Envisioned new possibilities for my start-up business.
I have a dozen more mini-goals and a long way to go, yet feel enthusiastic about making some small progress each class and encouraged by the teachers to stick with it. My special thanks and appreciation to the teachers: each of you has said something positive to me that truly encourages and motivates. Thank you.