Terry M.

“I encourage all athletes to give Bikram a try.”
Tomorrow I will line up for the start of the Richmond Marathon. Thousands of others will do the same. What makes this beginning so special for me is the journey it has taken to arrive here. After knee surgery in February I thought I would never again run a mile let alone another marathon. Laurie, a good friend and coworker had also had knee surgery and had tried Bikram in California. She invited me to attend a class with her and reluctantly I agreed. I was extremely skeptical and doubtful yoga would help me, but I went and I tried. I loved it. The afterglow was similar to the endorphin rush after running. I felt really good and after a few months I was able to run without knee pain. Bikram Yoga helped me gain strength, flexibility and full range of motion. It also rejuvenated me mentally. Thank you Bikram Yoga Richmond. I know some of you will be cheering for me and I encourage all athletes to give Bikram a try. An ounce of prevention has been worth a pound of cure. Thanks again to all the very patient and kind yoga instructors at Bikram Yoga Richmond.