Tim H.

It's the way it makes me feel. My first introduction to Bikram Yoga was witnessing the transformation in my daughter Garland. Then, through that change my wife became interested and hooked. I was intrigued. I committed to go three times and see what all the hub-bub was about. I Walked out of the third class like I was walking on air and I have continued for three plus years. After 15 years of no exercise program it has been a personal struggle. My first impression was everyone was so nice. The practice didn't hurt me like exercise had. Ninety minutes of me time was valuable to me and my relationships. Gradually I lost my allergies, my repetitive injuries went away, and I've postponed knee replacement surgery for 5 years through the practice. More important I've come to realize everyone who practices has the same story and belief in the spiritual and physical healing power of yoga. I've lost inches all over my body and I jokingly refer to myself as Titanium Tim now. I feel wonderful, strong, clear headed, and peaceful all at the same time. I look forward to the practice, which is amazing. I am thankful for my daughter and her wisdom and my wife and her example for me. I thank God daily for allowing me to participate in life again.