Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana!!! Now that's a mouthful. Not only does your ability to pronounce the Sanskrit version of this posture make you appear smarter to others, but also, simply by doing this posture on a regular basis will increase the circulation to your brain and might actually make you more intelligent than you already are! Yay for that. How is that possible you may ask? With your head elevation below your heart, this has very similar effects to doing an inversion posture like a handstand. The circulation is moved to your brain and your face, reorganizing, revitalizing, and reenergizing the cells in those areas. This will make you look younger, think more clearly and creatively, and may reduce problems like migraines and headaches. And that's only dealing with your head! In addition to backward bending, forward bending, lateral flexion, and spinetwisting, we also get to stretch our spines! That's what this posture offers. Basically we get to turn our bodies into Japanese Ham Sandwiches three times in class. Hands to Feet Pose, Stretching Pose (at the end of class before Spine Twist), and this posture. Here are some more benefits this posture has to offer: Cures and prevents sciatica by stretching and strengthening the sciatic nerves and the tendons of the legs. Helps the functioning of most of the internal abdominal organs, especially the small and large intestines. Improves the muscle tone and flexibility of the thighs and calves. Improves the flexibility of the pelvis, ankles, and hip joints. Improves the flexibility of the last five vertebrae of the spine. Over time you will get to see the improvement in your spine and an increase in the flexibility of your legs and hips. Take a picture of yourself in this pose today, and again in a year, and watch as your own personal yoga story unfolds.