June Juice Fest: Day 3

11392906_989537644389673_3445305335321521996_nLast day!  This one feels short!  I don't know about you guys, but I haven't been feeling as great as usual.  I will say that each cleanse is a little different, depending on how your body is cycling while on the cleanse.  If you don't feel fantastic and wonderful on the cleanse, don't worry.  You are still getting benefits just by making the attempt.  Some of you may want to add a day or two to your cleanse and that is fine.  We have plenty of juice stocked at the studios this week that you can pick up for Thursday and Friday.

The specialty juice today is carrot/apple/ginger.  This is an excellent anti-inflammatory as well as good for your respiratory system.  Carrots regenerate the cells of the lungs, while apple remove histamine.  Ginger kills unwanted bacteria and breaks down congestion and acid build up.  Also carrots are good for the eyesight.  They might even give you a natural tan (drinking lots of carrot juice might turn your skin an orange color....cool!).  So drink up!

Even after this cleanse, I hope you all see the health benefits to drinking juice daily.  Juice and smoothies make up at least half of my regular diet.  You may find that after the cleanse you will continue to cravee more plant and liquid foods and not require so much food to feel sustained.

I hope you have a great day three!!!!