Let's start this posture off by saying, "You can mess with the Gods but you can't mess with your knees." This is not meant to be a warning or a statement to instill fear in you about the pose, but merely a reminder to go slowly in the posture so that you don't aggravate your knees. After all, yoga is not about pushing through pain to achieve a posture, but more about achieving the poses through patience and breath control. Some things to remember as you learn the Toe Stand: This is a balancing pose. That means that where ever your posture lands on a given day, make sure you're practicing your balance. If you are working on bringing your hips down to your heel, take it slowly. If your bent leg slides off your thigh, that is your body's way of telling you something is tight. Go to the point in the pose, right before your foot slides, and hold stillness there. That's your posture for now, and that's great. When you've improved to the point that you bring your hips to your heels, bring your two knees in one line, parallel to the floor. To do that, press your bent knee down as your hips lift up. Those two actions together will help you balance. Think you've got the pose? Don't forget to lift your hips off your heel. Just like 3rd part of awkward! The Toe Stand develops psychological and mental powers, especially patience. Physically, it helps to cure gout and rheumatism of the knees, ankles, and feet. It also helps cure hemorrhoid problems.