Authentic Method

There's more to authentic Bikram hot yoga than heat.

It takes more than a hot room to achieve the faster, more complete fitness results of Bikram hot yoga. That is why, at Bikram hot yoga, all our instructors have completed an in-depth, nine-week training program under the direction of Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury themselves That’s why you practice in a sealed room where temperature is precisely controlled to 105-110° and humidity strictly limited to 40-50%. It’s why we filter and purify the air inside that room to keep out allergens, bacteria, viruses and odors. It’s why every drop of water you drink here is filtered and electrolytically ionized Kangen water, and is offered free to our students. Kangen water is slightly alkaline (pH 9.5) to offset the effects of acids your body generates during exercise. and rich in antioxidants. It’s among the purest, best-hydrating water in the world – and probably the best tasting during and after your session. It’s why we even use Kangen water for cleaning our studios and our laundry as well, to drastically reduce the presence of chlorine and other chemicals. It’s why we’ve installed ANESPA mineral-ion water spas in our shower systems. With a pH rating of 6, this shower water is good for your skin and hair and leaves you feeling like you’d just stepped out of a mineral spa.