Yogi Feature–Meet Rob and Carrie!!!

Rob&CarrieFather-Daughter duo, Carrie and Rob are 2 of our regular yoga practitioners who have been coming to BYR for 7 years! Rob Estes was born in Richmond, VA, went to George Wythe High school and then William and Mary College. He is now CEO of Estes Express (we know you’ve all seen those yellow trucks on the highways). Carrie Johnstone was born in Charlotte, NC, went to college at UNC Chapel Hill, and then moved back to Richmond to be with family. Carrie is a certified accountant who now stays home with her 3 children (ages 7, 5, and 2). In addition to yoga, the two stay very active outside the hot room. Rob has been playing softball for a long time, and continues to play on a league today. In fact, a chronic hamstring injury was one of the motivators that brought Rob to yoga. That, and of course, Carrie ☺ Carrie loves to exercise, but admits that she wasn’t hooked on Bikram Yoga immediately. “I took my first class in December 2007, but I wasn’t hooked. Then I came back in June 2008 and haven’t stopped since then!” Rob says he came in “after being challenged by Carrie.” 8 softball seasons later, Rob says he hasn’t had a hamstring injury since beginning his practice! Overall, both say that they definitely feel healthier now that they practice Bikram Yoga. Rob says, “I feel more relaxed , healthier, and my blood work proves it.” Carrie also states that, “BYR has changed my life by being a constant in my life besides my family and friends over the past 7 years where life has had many ups and downs. I need the weekly check in where my body gets a full diagnostic scan and I have to stare at myself in the mirror for one and a half hours.  Nowhere to run! I feel strong and capable and at peace with myself every time I leave the yoga room.” Carrie even shared with us that she has a dream of going to Teacher Training someday! When we asked about Rob and Carrie’s goals for the New Year, Rob told us about their common goals for last year.  He said, “You will need to get Carrie's approval for this one:  She and I had related New Year's resolution this past year. Hers was to be fit enough to be able to wear a sports bra in [yoga] practice. Mine was to be fit enough to look like I didn't need to wear one.”  (We did check in with Carrie before putting this in the story!) We are happy to report that both Carrie and Rob achieved their resolutions! One last thing we asked Carrie and Rob to share with us were their favorite quotes. Carrie’s is, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans” , and Rob’s is, "Best is the enemy of better".  In other words if you hold out for best you will never get better. True yogi thinking!