Yogi(s) of the Month–Meet the Nanavatis!

Families That Yoga Together, Grow Together! Mark and Julie Nanavati are both regular practitioners, so most BYR students have gotten to know the lovely duo. What a lot of people may not know is that their two children, Kate and Charlie are also up and coming yogis! Kate has recently started taking the 90minute class and Charlie has taken the kids’ class. Over the years, all 4 family members came to yoga for different reasons. Julie (a Corporate Team Business Manager at Hunton & Williams, MOM, Wife) came to BYR in 2008. “I was looking for a change from my mundane fitness routine of jogging and the gym.  Running had become harder on my knees and joints so I wanted to take a break from all of the pounding.” Mark (Partner at Sinnott, Nuckols & Logan, DAD, Hubby) came to BYR in 2009. “I was seeking relief from very significant low back pain and I had a solid recommendation from Jayne Randall.” Kate (Soon to be 3rd grader at Collegiate) and Charlie (Soon to be 5th grader at Collegiate) both took their first classes in 2014.  Kate and Charlie are incredibly active! Kate loves to draw, paint, and read. She also does gymnastics, swims, and spends a lot of time with friends. Charlie is the sports lover of the family – he participates in lacrosse, soccer, and wrestling.  He also enjoys fishing, kayaking and swimming. Neither Kate nor Charlie makes it to yoga as often as their parents, but who knows, maybe one day they will be regulars too! Their parents’ both have inspiring stories about how yoga has changed their lives. When Mark first came to yoga, he says, “It was brutal.  It reminded me a lot of how I felt after a wrestling practice but I could almost immediately tell it was exactly what my back and body needed.” Julie had similar thoughts about Bikram Yoga when she first started. “Not only was it more physically rigorous than I ever imagined, I had no idea about the benefits of calming your mind and the sense of peace you discover in the room.” Mark and Julie believe that practicing yoga consistently for an extended period of time has most definitely changed their lives in a positive way. Julie says, “ It’s hard for me to ‘focus on myself’ being a full-time working Mom with two young children.  In the yoga room, I truly do ‘focus on myself.’  Each time I go, I feel like I have given myself a gift – a gift of calm, quiet and serenity for 90 minutes. Mark says, “I am no longer in constant pain.  I do not live on Advil and have not seen a neurologist or chiropractor in five years!  Without the pain, I think I am actually in a better mood most of the time, too. In addition to feeling healthier and having enjoying a better state of mind, the Nanavatis believe coming to yoga with friends and family is “a wonderful way to share a healthy hobby.” “It gives us a shared interest and something to talk about and look forward to together.” When the family is in the room together, they give each other some space, but also share some positive energy. “We prefer to practice on opposite sides of the room to give each other space, but we usually wink or smile several times during class.  When Kate comes, she practices next to us.  Sometimes we hold hands during savasna…..we are always so proud of her coming with us and it is basically 90 minutes of quiet family bonding.” If you’ve ever thought about bringing a loved one to yoga, let the Nanavatis be your inspiration! You can’t be too pushy, but if you have a willing family member, bring them in! You may discover a mutual love for yoga  ☺ NanavatiPic